Eyelash Extension

Enchanting eyelashes, with love & expertise.

 Applying your eyelash extensions is an art form. It’s a craft which takes many years to perfect, so when you choose a beauty technician you need to make sure they really know what they are doing. You need to know that whoever you choose has proven expertise and a true passion for perfection in eyelash extensions.

 Simply superior eyelash extensions, highlighting your best asset.

 Blonde Ambitions Nails&Lashes eyelash specialist, Alicia, is well known throughout Rose Bay and across Sydney as a master in her craft… and your eyelash extensions are her specialty. Alicia believes that your eyes are your best asset and that it’s her job to bring out the best in your natural contours and colours, with eyelash extensions that truly suit you and give you the glamour you’ve been looking for.

 For unrivalled quality, comfort & care, come to Blonde Ambitions Nails&Lashes

 You don’t have to take our word for how much you’d love the eyelashes Alicia does for you, because you could just pick up the phone today and come to find out for yourself. After your first consultation and application, you’ll realise you’re doing the right thing by your eyelashes… and that you’re being looked after by a perfectionist who really cares about making sure you have a great time.

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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Specially developed very soft and light silk/mink lashes for that mesmerizing soft and fluffy look

Extra Full set 7D+          $300     3Hrs


Under 1 week           $70

Under 2 weeks         $140

Under 3 weeks         $210

Under 4 weeks         $280

Full set 3D+                   $200     2,5Hrs


Under 1 week           $40

Under 2 weeks          $80

Under 3 weeks          $120

Under 4 weeks          $160

Half Set  3D+                 $140    2Hrs    


Under 1 week      $30

Under 2 weeks    $60

Under 3 weeks    $90

Under 4 weeks    $120


Classic Eyelash Extensions

Single thread silk lashes

Extra Full set              100 lashes/eye       $140 - 2hours    


Under 1 week           $40

Under 2 weeks          $70

Under 3 weeks          $90

Under 4 weeks          $120  

 Full set                        60-70 lashes/eye         $100 - 1,5hours


Under 1 week            $30

Under 2 weeks           $40

Under 3 weeks           $60

Under 4 weeks           $80


Half set -  40 lashes/eye         $60 - 1hour           No infill

Bottom Lashes                       $70 - 1hour           No infill

Eyelash Extensions Removal            $20

Eyelash tint       $15

Eyebrow tint      $15


Eyebrow           $15

Nose outside    $15

Nostril               $15

Lip                   $15

Chin                $15

Ear                 $15

Face               $15/side